Sic Flics Bottle Insertion


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Sic Flics Bottle Insertion has a title that is both intriguing and fitting. The video clip is unbelievable and very kinky. This sample photo alone sends us in great awe. What we have before our eyes is a clear depiction of a babe whose pussy will not settle for puny things. Here we have the back view of a blonde girl. She is squatting and lowering herself down onto a thick glass bottle. With her hands in front for support and her heels up, she successfully inserts the bottle into her pussy. It’s a bonus that we see she nice smooth hairless ass.

Sic Flics Double Fisted Pussy


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Sic Flics Double Fisted Pussy is one of the most twisted episodes we have seen so far. We’ve seen all kinds of sex positions, kinky fetishes and this one is on the top of our list of the amazingly different. We know and we have witnessed double penetration. And now what we have is double fisting. Sure, babes can handle two cocks in two different holes and we’ve heard that feels extra good. But how about two hands shoved up to the wrist into the ass and pussy at the same time? Does that feel as good as two cocks? Watch this chick’s reaction to find out.

Sic Flics Pee Slurping


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Sic Flics Pee Slurping is outrageous to some and quite the turn on for others. This pair has a very wild side to them as we witness in this series of photos. In this sampler we have a naked blonde babe inside a bathtub. The cute chick has her hair pulled back, hands on the side of the tub and her eyes wide open. In front of her is a cock that is spewing loads of not cum but piss. The girl receives the piss and willingly fills her mouth with it before she slurps it down. Kinky, very kinky indeed.

Sic Flics Huge Titanic Dildos


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Sic Flics Huge Titanic Dildos will be a hit just like the Titanic movie. Where else will you find a chick with a fondness for not just one but three massive dildos? Well, in this photo set we find a brunette girl on a bed with white sheets. Her legs are bent and her feet are planted on the bed. We see her stiff tiny brown nipples and her hairless twat with slightly opened flaps. In between her legs we find two dildos in upright position. One has texture and veins while the other one is smooth. The last of the three dildos looks like a humongous eggplant. With all three toys next to her, we get to wonder, where will she stick all of those?

Sic Flics Cum Drinking


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Sic Flics Cum Drinking gives us a naked girl lying on a white towel. Both her eyes and mouth are open. Right in front of her is a cock. There are bubbles coming out of the chick’s small pink mouth and we get to thinking if it is cum or piss she has on her. Either way, we don’t judge. Actually, we like it. As we always say ‘Love sucks, true love swallows’. We prefer babes who willingly drink bodily fluids over the very finicky and pretentious ladies, any day. Catch the rest of this photo set and episode right here.

Sic Flics Vaginal Fisting


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Sic Flics Vaginal Fisting gives us a girl with a high tolerance for pain, strong sexual desires and a very well-stretched pussy. This preview photo shows us a girl with milky skin bent forward. A man with tanned skin has filled the chick’s pussy with both of his hands. Some babes say one, two, three fingers are not enough to fill them up real good. Some chicks say there is nothing like a man’s touch. Sic Flics Vaginal Fisting delivers so much more. Wait until you see what this girl has to say about her experience. Watch her here.

Sic Flics Piss Drinking


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Sic Flics Piss Drinking is different and very surreal. It is almost a taboo of sorts but today, we find out that some men are willing to piss on girls’ mouths and some girls are willing to drink piss. This blonde babe demonstrates our point perfectly. In this sample photo we see her kneeling on a white tub. She seems a little bit reluctant; her lips appear to be partially closed as the cock is pissing directly at her mouth. But later, she gets used to it and is downing piss like it’s her favorite shot of hot cum.

Sic Flics Huge Dildo


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Sic Flics Huge Dildo will make your jaw drop on the floor. A babe with a very smooth ass in on a white bed, with the lube next to her. Using her well-manicured hands, she inserts a humongous moss green dildo into her pussy. Aside from being enormous, the sex toy also has some textures and ridges. We can all bet that her horny twat will never be the same after her encounter with this gigantic dildo. This kinky slut sure gives a new meaning to ‘go big or go home’. With a kinky attitude like hers, there is probably nothing that this chick is not capable of trying.

Sic Flics Double Fisting


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Sic Flics Double Fisting gives us a threesome only much wilder. In broad daylight and in the outdoors, a girl and two guys get nasty, very nasty. Aside from doing an expected make-out, groping and sex in different positions, this trio thinks of something even kinkier. With no fears of getting caught, they get naked and the two guys try out fisting on one girl. The girl is lying down on a blue checkered blanket with her bushy twat showing. One guy shoves his fist into her pussy and the other guy penetrates her ass with his fist. It’s double penetration, only twisted.

Sic Flics Teen Pissing


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Sic Flics Teen Pissing gives us a blonde teen with no clothes on, sitting on a white toilet. Her eyes are closed and her mouth is open. A cock is dangling in front of her face, spewing piss directly at her mouth. It is obvious that this young blonde girl has never experienced this before and there is a look of resistance on her face. Nonetheless, she takes the challenge and lets the guy finish pissing on her. With a submissive sweetheart such as this one, no kinky idea is impossible to do. See if her boyfriend tries anymore tricks on her right here.